I admit that I followed the course of the prokhvat, and I have already seen this series at Vantes in FB, but I was happy to review it and I want to note how far the musical arrangement went. So conveys the atmosphere, it’s something! Copter is a great purchase, improved the already good content.
What can I say, beautiful people! As always, actually.
At the very beginning, the views are generally unreal.
It looks good in one breath.
The awkward adventures began before the flight. Vereshchagin suddenly rescheduled the day of departure, but for reasons unknown to Ivanov and me, he bought a ticket not for the flight where we were, but for another one. Arriving at the DMD too early, I managed to have a glass of tea with Micah and waved at him on landing. Evening was falling. The cosmonaut struggled through the dense belt of “dacha asteroids” and lingerie stores in a convertible, to the songs of Schnur about the end of summer, violet and convertible. I had to eat two expensive power supplies and drop off half the battery in the vacap while I waited for it.
Flying up to Barnaul, we met the dawn. The saucers of the lakes reflected the red-orange rays of the sun, as if thousands of hyperboloids were burning out bizarre patterns on our plane.
Barnaul airport was greeted with cool and shabby yellow cabs of ZIL130 service equipment. The cabins were simply bombically stylish. The airport turned out to be very small, no self-propelled hoses and special buses. I jumped out onto the runway and popped my feet into the terminal.
Mismatched suitcases and bags were clumsily crawling along the luggage conveyor belt, and a dog with the word “Police”on it was deftly dodging and jumping between them , like a SUPER MARIO. Strong in face, body and spirit, women in caps and aprons with the inscription “honest taxi” sold a transfer to the city for 500 to visiting customers, although this route costs 180 on Yandex.
Being in a state of post-flight suspended animation, I missed the fact that the morning is still very early and the warehouse where our equipment is most likely completely closed. And so it turned out. The industrial zone is deserted, with a barn lock on the gate. Another hour to cook, or even more. There is no public catering, we went to look for a grocery store that would somehow pass the time.
The border area of the private sector and industrial zones is quite a funny sight. Mismatched crooked fences and brand-new siding, along the fences “barricades” of stones and tires. So that the spontaneous detour of the puddle would not pass directly through the cultivated garden. And judging by the relief of the empty craters on the road after the rain, the puddles are quite decent.
In a rickety food stall, the classic set is a powerful saleswoman, a calculator, a cash register and a notebook with “debtors”. People are rushing from all the alleys – here is the end of the tram line. The city slowly wakes up, makes itself felt with a growing hum and sucks, sucks tirelessly into itself people from the suburbs.
Motorcycles were rolled out, trunks were tied up. Vereshchagin rejected Ivanov’s sling and forced him to fix everything. On garmin, I only have a map of Mongolia and a piece of Altai. We rush in milk. And I’m also undocumented. Because the Turtle had taken the precaution of taking them away with him a day earlier. I had a quest ahead of me! You need to find a cafe on the highway from the photo and pick up the documents from the cashier, who will give them to another shift. Everything worked out. Documents on hand. Enjoy the power and the double campot!
On the asphalt, we have a different mode. We chose a road and agreed to go along it periodically crossing each other, so as not to create emergency situations. As you can imagine, in the end, everyone went on different roads.
I met Vereshchagin at night in a cafe. There in the village there was an Internet connection and we were quickly found. Since I had just taken a hot meal, I was full of energy and immediately agreed with the navigator to take a shorter road. Exactly 10 minutes later, we were standing with our wheels buried in a fairly decent mountain river. There was still 120 km to go to the place of the overnight stay. Utter darkness. And belyashik snugly placed in the stomach whispers-yes, do not score, you’ll think of a ford. – yes, look closely, almost everything is visible-yes, a hundred times they have already done so Vereshchagin suggested that it would be wiser to go around. That’s how it all started. If he had offered to turn around, perhaps everything would have been different, but no, the flywheel of adventure began its rotation. Search for a detour / detour this seems to be the permanent state of the “normal hero of the OFRP”. At night, making your way along the river along the azimuth to look for a detour.
At first it was all harmless, then the hummocks began, then the grass began, but the hummocks remained, then the wheels began to squish and slurp a little, and the hummocks and grass noticeably grew in size. And now I have already seen the same road bridge that the navigator suggested that we cut off, as my front falls into the substance filled with sticky slime and I follow the force of the accumulated kinetic energy and begin to smoothly separate from the motorcycle into the night.
A little further away among the grass hummocks is Vereshchagin, judging by the swarming of the opportunity to put the motorcycle and come to help him clearly does not have. The radio bridge installed confirms my guesses. He was also stuck, but in a slightly better place and with minimal digging into the swamp.
I begin to estimate the options for self-rescue. The bike was stuck in an old streambed. The black, disturbed slime stinks. Belyashik in the stomach prudently calmed down bitch. You can’t exactly pull one back, if you push it forward, then you’ll have to jump into the ditch in the opposite direction. Delema. A car flies over a car bridge and lights up the pedestrian walkways just ahead. This is salvation!
I told Vereshchagin my plan, but he did not approve of it and suggested that we go out on our tracks. I had no options for a refund, so GO AHEAD. So I did, but I got dirty. When they reached the bridge, they managed to move to a dry place and make their way to the bridge. There I waited until Micah rolled into a detour of the swamp.
Then we moved in normal night mode, not exceeding the speed limit and not rolling out of sight. During the next check of documents, they witnessed non-compliance with the legal requirements of the border guards. Despite all the waving of the wands and the beating of the tambourine, the understated priora whizzed past the outfit. Well, I think now the chase, the detention, the movement – I shoot the action. Fuck it. The squad only began to look more diligently at our documents. No heroism in the workplace.
And here we are in a clearing! The birthday boy is in a good mood, the team is drunk, and there is still a drink. The moon is full, there is no rain, there is firewood. Well, what else do you need after 600k m in the saddle. FOR THOSE WHO ARE ON THE WAY!