Special Containment conditions: Physical containment of SCP-5060 is not currently possible. In this regard, the Foundation’s efforts should be aimed at limiting the dissemination of information about SCP-5060 to the public.
Foundation agents embedded with the International Astronomical Union are required to report any ongoing scientific research concerning the star HD 4560. A Foundation-managed search bot (I/O-APHRODITE) should monitor online communities for discussions/images concerning SCP-5060. The Gamma-5 TEAM (“False Trail”) should study these discussions and, as necessary, process the amnesiacs/prevent the disclosure of classified information.
The current Heimdall Project uses advanced research space probes to study SCP-5060. These probes are equipped with a set of upgraded sensors and superluminal propulsion systems that were created using SCP-2117 engineering analysis. The assignment of additional tasks is awaiting approval, which will be given on the condition that the inhabitants of SCP-5060 have mastered interstellar flight.
Description: SCP-5060 is an Earth-like exoplanet with a radius and mass of about 0.95 and 0.9 Earth-like planets, respectively. SCP-5060 revolves around HD 4560. The Foundation’s probes found that the planet’s atmosphere consists of nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. Due to the density of the atmosphere, the surface of the planet cannot be observed from space in visible light. At the time of writing, all attempts to land research probes invariably resulted in a loss of communication with the probe upon its re-entry into the atmosphere of SCP-5060.
For its size, SCP-5060 has an unusually large number of satellites — as of January 2020, the total number is 1,260. Each satellite has an almost spherical shape, and their radius is on average approximately 50 km. These satellites are located in a synchronous orbit of SCP-5060. Every 15-26 years, a new satellite is launched by an unknown mechanism from SCP-5060, which then enters a similar orbit. 1 In this regard, it is believed that some extraterrestrial civilization lives on SCP-5060.
The study of these satellites by the Foundation’s probes showed that they are mainly composed of marble, granite and quartzite, coated with a transparent polymer. In the center of each satellite there is a hollow chamber. During remote excavations of these chambers, thousands of iron spheres were found, placed in small cavities. These spheres contain a fine powder consisting of carbon, calcium, phosphorus and other trace elements.
The use of Foundation probes sometimes provokes an aggressive reaction on the part of SCP-5060, manifested in the form of an iron bullet weighing 20 kg, launched at a speed equal to 10% of the speed of light. These attacks most often occur when excavation probes attempt to extract material from satellites. To date, none of the probes have escaped or survived such an attack, and the energy of the projectile makes subsequent extraction of the attacked probes impossible.
Attempts to establish remote radio communication with the inhabitants of SCP-5060 were unsuccessful, and no forms of broadcasting were found on the surface of SCP-5060. Proposals for additional strategies to determine the technological / biological capabilities of the inhabitants of SCP-5060 are currently under consideration.
App: Updated on March 3, 2020.
At 08: 00 coordinated universal time, the protective satellites of the Heimdall project recorded approaching extraterrestrial bodies that collided with the Earth within the next 30 minutes. A series of 28 shells were found in several strike zones around the world. These sites include:
Arlington National Cemetery Brookwood Cemetery Cheops Pyramid Taj Mahal Several cave systems in Indiana.
To reduce the public response, soon after the attack, the Gamma-5 group was mobilized, spreading the legend of a previously unknown meteor shower.
The study of these projectiles showed their similarity to those launched from SCP-5060 into Foundation probes. Each projectile had a hollow center containing one of the 27 Foundation probes previously thought to have been lost in the atmosphere of SCP-5060. In addition, in the 28th projectile there was an iron copy of the Gold Plate “Voyager”, on which all the images of people were blotted out. The plate was also scratched with indecipherable symbols. It is not known how the inhabitants of SCP-5060 acquired this object, given the fact that neither Voyager 1 nor Voyager 2 flew near SCP-5060.
The analysis of the trajectory of the projectiles according to the data collected by the satellites of the Heimdall project suggests that they come from the planet Venus. Attempts to use the Foundation’s resources to investigate the Venusian surface for possible colonies of SCP-5060 inhabitants were unsuccessful for the same reason that the SCP-5060 study failed: communication with the probes was lost when they entered the atmosphere of Venus.