The moon was not the same color as the Americans.
The Chinese lunar rover “Yutu” – “Jade Hare” – became the second device to make a soft landing on the Moon after the last Americans left it in December 1972 – the crew of “Apollo 17”-Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmit. In August 1976, the Soviet automatic space station “Luna-24” flew to Earth, taking samples of the lunar soil.
In December 2013, the successfully landed “hare” transmitted images from the place of arrival. And they revived the debate that had subsided about the color of the moon? In the Chinese photos, it is brown. In the sky – silver. The moon is about the same color in numerous images taken by American astronauts directly on the surface of our natural satellite. This surface is either white or grayish-silver in the sun. And in the shade-dark.
Chinese lunar rover – “Jade Hare” – slides on the brown surface of the moon.
The Chinese photographed the surface of the Moon without the “hare” – it is brown.
The American lunar rover of the Apollo 17 expedition-rides on the gray moon.
The fact that something is wrong with the color of the moon was first stated a few years ago by the famous American researcher of anomalous phenomena, Joseph Skipper. He blamed NASA for the trick. They say that for some mysterious reason, the agency processed lunar images posted on official websites in the public domain. It etched the real color of the objects from all of them, making the landscapes black and white. Like in an old movie.
Skipper’s suspicions were confirmed by the photograph he found, one of those taken by the crew of the last Apollo . In the picture, Eugene Cernan-sets the American flag and takes a picture of himself, holding the camera at arm’s length. Schmit walks around the lunar module, which is located in front of both the flag and the astronaut’s spacesuit learned to be bright and colorful. And the lunar surface is black and white. As usual.
The moon is gray, but the helmet reflects brown.
But look at the helmet glass. It reflects both the lunar module and the surface on which it stands. The surface is brown. As in the Chinese pictures of 2013. And it looks like this is the real color of the moon.
“I don’t know why NASA bleached the images,” says Joseph Skipper. “They must be hiding something.” After all, as a rule, removing the natural color of the object, they mask its structure. And the structure, in turn, can give out some details that should not fall into the field of view of the uninitiated.
According to the researcher, part of the photo with the flag was simply not processed due to an oversight. And the catch was revealed.
And the Chinese didn’t process anything at all. We didn’t know it was supposed to be like this. The Americans didn’t warn them.
All shades of chocolate, not gray.
In favor of the fact that the Moon is brown, the crew members of Apollo 10 also testified. Then in May 1969, the pilot of the lunar module was the same Eugene Cernan, the commander-Thomas Stafford, the pilot of the command module-John Young. The astronauts chose the landing site for Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, who were to be the first to set foot on the moon just a couple of months later.
Cernan and Stafford undocked from the command module and came within 100 meters of the surface. We examined its color in detail. What made a detailed report. And photographed.
In the Apollo 10 crew report, if you’ll excuse the pun, it says in black and white that the Moon is sometimes light brown, sometimes reddish brown,sometimes dark chocolate. But not gray.
The surface of the Moon, taken from the board of “Apollo-10”
And in some of the images taken from the Apollo 10, it is generally green with bright red spots.
Strangely, the photos of Cernan, Stafford, and Young were the last to show the Moon in color. Then, starting with the first landing of the Americans, it became black and white.
In this picture, the moon is green.
By the way, something amazing in color was also found by the astronauts from Apollo 17 right next to the landing site. On the Ground, enthusiastic and repeated shouts were received: “I can’t believe it…It’s unbelievable…It’s orange… It’s like something’s rusted through here.” We are talking about the soil that the astronauts are trying to collect in a bag. She must have been brought to Earth. But what the find was, no one has yet reported.
There’s a secret here.
(Instead of a comment)
Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, who was friends with Stafford, explained to me about the color of the moon at the time: it’s all about the film on which they were shooting, and the reflectivity of the surface.
“Each person perceives light in his own way,” Alexey Arkhipovich said. “One person thinks it’s a brown shade, another person thinks it’s a different shade. And a photo is an artificially created layer. Any film is three colors. And a combination of three colors. The result depends on the processing. Depends on the angle of the luminous flux. One position of the luminous flux – one color. The sun is rising-a different color. The same color surface can reflect different wavelengths depending on the angle. And this is a different color.
I believe Alexey Arkhipovich. But I still don’t understand: at first, the moon reflected so that it was brown, and then it began to reflect so that it became black and white on a color film. And now it’s brown again – in the Chinese pictures.
There’s a secret here. Or is there a catch?